Development of a BPMN Model Validation and Automatic Correction Tool for SAP Solution Manager

Bachelor's Thesis by Rainier Raymond Robles

The goal of this thesis is the creation of a tool that assesses Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) models created with SAP Solution Manager (SolMan) according to readability and usability guidelines. Necessary corrections are performed based on this assessment, resulting in a new BPMN file that can be imported back into SolMan. SAP Solution Manager is an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) product used in the organization and maintenance of a company's business and IT operations. BPMN is a standard for the graphical representation of business processes in a process model. While SolMan provides a tool for creating process models with BPMN, it does not provide a function to validate these models, unlike similar tools in the market. After research and selection of guidelines, creation of a proof-of-principle prototype, and construction of the product using an iterative and incremental development model, a functional web application that is able to review and make corrections according to seven guidelines was successfully developed.

You can test the application created for this thesis here. In order to test the application, you can either use the SAP Solution Manager Demo System to create your own process models in SolMan (user BAUERA is recommended), or you can use one of the models provided below. You can use the pdf files to view the diagram, and the bpmn files to test the tool. Please right-click and save the bpmn files in order to download them.